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Meet Andrea

Dr. Andrea

I have been in practice for over 12 years. Early childhood experiences with chiropractic led me to this profession, knowing how important early balance of the nervous system is for proper growth and development. I earned my CACCP through the ICPA along with my Webster Technique certification. I also am one of a few practitioners in the area to complete training through the SOT Pediatric Practitioner Program for chiropractic specific cranial sacral adjusting.

I always knew I wanted to treat people at the beginning of their lives. It makes sense to start life free from neurological interference. My goal with The Health Practice is to create a space for love, empowerment, health, and true human expression. 

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Why Chiropractic

Why Chiropractic


It can help with

Growth & Development

Children need proper nervous system function to meet milestones and lay the proper neurological foundation for their future. 

Dural Tension

Dural tension can express itself in many different ways. Protective posture, plagiocephaly, torticollis, and issues with eating, sleeping and pooping are some of the common problems associated with abnormal tension.

Immune Support

All of us express our health through the nervous system. When it is in a state of dis-ease, our immune systems have a much harder time regulating itself in response to challenges. 

Prenatal Care

Growing another human is hard work. By supporting your nervous system which is responsible for forming the nervous system of your child, not only may you experience easier pregnancy, but a better birth experience. 

Postnatal Care

There are many new functions that need coordination in the postpartum body. Chiropractic helps support the system with all the extra energy these functions need.


There is no shortage of sources of stress in our world. Chiropractic can help you identify your thoughts, traumas, and toxins that are negatively impacting your health. 


“We have had such a wonderful experience with Dr. Andrea at The Health Practice. We brought our daughter in when she was one month old. We were at a loss on how to help her with an array of issues. Dr. Andrea was so knowledgeable and able to help us alleviate most of the problems. She helped us navigate this new territory with lots of patience and without judgement. Within a few months our daughter was without pain, sleeping better and overall a much happier baby. Fast forward almost two years and we still go in for regular visits for our entire family now. It continues to be so beneficial in so many ways for each of us. Dr. Andrea is always happy to answer my zillions of questions about all things health. I recommend her to all my friends and family!”  

— Maria M. 




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